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Question 1: Typical targets for the front knee include the head, ________, ribs, solar plexus, stomach and thighs.
AnkleLower limbHuman legHip

Question 2: This spectacular strike is a crowd-pleaser in fighting sports such as ________(KickBoxing) and MMA.
All Japan Kickboxing FederationShoot boxingK-1Martial Arts Japan Kickboxing Federation

Question 3: A knee strike (commonly referred to simply as a knee) is a strike with the ________, either with the kneecap or the surrounding area.
Lower limbHuman legHipKnee

Question 4: [2] Japanese professional wrestler ________ also used a jumping knee as one of his finishing moves.
Keiji MutohStan HansenJumbo TsurutaGenichiro Tenryu

Question 5: [1] At K-1 Hero's 5, ________ knocked out Kazuyuki Miyata with a flying knee at four seconds into the first round.
Masato (kickboxer)K-1 World MAX 2004 World Tournament OpenNorifumi YamamotoK-1 World MAX 2004 Champions' Challenge

Question 6: Kickboxer ________ is known for his flying knees.
Remy BonjaskyRay SefoJérôme Le BannerPeter Aerts

Question 7: Styles such as ________ and several mixed martial arts organizations allow kneeing depending on the positioning of the fighters.
World Boxing Council MuaythaiSavateKickboxingMuay Thai


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