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Klingon starships: Quiz


Question 1: John Eaves was responsible for developing the basic shape of the Raptor-class in concept art; Doug Drexler later refined Eaves sketches to create a CGI mesh using ________.
Messiah (software)LightWave 3DAmigaMac OS X

Question 2: The B'rel-class is a scout vessel, used for ________, skirmishes and raids, while the K'Vort-class is a light cruiser.
Intelligence (information gathering)EspionageClandestine HUMINTClandestine HUMINT asset recruiting

Question 3: With only a few hours before the episode's deadline for delivery and exhausted from their recent work on "Broken Bow", the ________ of Enterprise, Eaves' team was unable to work through the night to make the alterations.
The A-TeamTelevision shows that spun off from anthology seriesTelevision pilotSpin-off (media)

Question 4: Sternbach designed the Vor'cha-class to represent the alliance between the ________ and the Klingon Empire by The Next Generation, and consequent technology exchange and collaboration.
United Federation of PlanetsVulcan (Star Trek)Borg (Star Trek)Romulan

Question 5: The Bird of Prey was heavily armed with several wing, neck and head mounted disruptor cannons,[13] and fore and aft ________ launchers.
List of Starfleet starships ordered by classList of Star Trek racesList of weapons in Star TrekBorg (Star Trek)

Question 6: The Bird of Prey was equipped with deflector shielding and two ________ emitters and was capable of at least warp 3.8.
Combine (Half-Life)Sector GeneralTractor beamScience fiction

Question 7: In The Next Generation episode "The Emissary", these ships are used as ________, which could travel for decades with its crew in suspended animation.
Hyperspace (science fiction)Interstellar travelSleeper shipGeneration ship

Question 8: Jefferies' original model for the D7-class now resides in the Smithsonian Institution's ________, along with the original studio model for USS Enterprise.
National Air and Space MuseumHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture GardenSmithsonian Institution BuildingWashington, D.C.

Question 9: Klingon starship classes at ________, a Wikia project
Memory AlphaTrekkieStar Trek: The Motion PictureStar Trek: First Contact

Question 10: Its combat role is stated to be comparable to that of a ________.
County class cruiserBattlecruiserHeavy cruiserAlaska class cruiser


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