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Kleene–Rosser paradox: Quiz


Question 1: However, most typed lambda calculi are not very expressive, indeed, are not ________.
Turing completenessProgramming paradigmProgramming languageTuring machine

Question 2: Several solutions to avoid the paradox were proposed, including ________ or typed lambda calculus.
Mathematical logicQuantificationType theoryFirst-order logic

Question 3: In mathematics, the Kleene–Rosser paradox is a paradox that shows Church's original ________ is inconsistent.
Functional programmingLambda calculusProgramming languageMathematical logic

Question 4: See self-reference (especially the sentences sub-section of the examples section there) for some examples about how recursion (which is an instance of, or an example of, self-reference) can lead to ________.
ParadoxBertrand RussellAristotleAmbiguity


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