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Klamath Mountains: Quiz


Question 1: shastensis), Weeping Spruce (Picea breweriana), ________ (Sequoia sempervirens), Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata), and Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia).
SequoiaSequoiadendronCoast Douglas-firTsuga heterophylla

Question 2: This stretch of the PCT is known locally as The Big Bend and is the transition from the California Floristic Province to the ________.
Mount RainierCascade RangeCascades (ecoregion)Cascade Volcanoes

Question 3: The area used to have ________, wolves.
Brown BearGray WolfCougarGrizzly Bear

Question 4: 211 miles of the ________ passes through these mountains as well.
Oregon TrailAppalachian TrailPacific Crest TrailContinental Divide Trail

Question 5: Conifer species in the Klamath Mountains include ________ (Pseudotsuga menziesii subsp.
Oregon TrailOregonCoast Douglas-firPortland, Oregon

Question 6: [3] The northernmost and largest sub-range of the Klamath Mountains are known as the ________.
Siskiyou MountainsKlamath RiverRogue River – Siskiyou National ForestRogue River (Oregon)

Question 7: Major rivers and lakes in the Klamath Mountains include the ________, Trinity River, Smith River, Salmon River, Rogue River, Scott River, Sacramento River and Castle Lake.
Shasta RiverKlamath BasinKlamath RiverSprague River

Question 8: They have a varied geology, with substantial areas of serpentine and ________, and a climate characterized by a moderately cold winters with very heavy snowfall, and warm very dry summers with limited rainfall.
CalciteSedimentary rockCalciumMarble


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