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Question 1:
What was Kitty Genovese's birth name?
Catherine Susan Genovese
Angus Murdo McKenzie
Qurram Hussain
Santi White

Question 2: Much of this framing of the event came in reaction to an investigative article[13] in ________ written by Martin Gansberg and published on March 27, two weeks after the murder.
The New York TimesInternational Herald TribuneThe Boston GlobeThe New York Times Company

Question 3:
Where was Kitty Genovese born?

Question 4:
What did Kitty Genovese die of?
murdered by David R. Waters
Murder by beheading
Murder by stabbing
Murdered in gas chamber

Question 5:
Where is Kitty Genovese's final resting place?
Western Cemetery, Portland, Maine, USA
Lakeview Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery, Hope, Arkansas, United States

Question 6:
What is the nationality of Kitty Genovese?

Question 7:
Where did Kitty Genovese die?
New York City, NY
Kew Gardens, NY, USA
Pound Ridge, NY
New York City, NY, USA

Question 8:
When did Kitty Genovese die?

Question 9:
When is Kitty Genovese's birthday?

Question 10:
What is Kitty Genovese known for?
Murdered by Anti-Mormon mob
Astrophysics and cosmology
Fiancu00E9 of Princess Madeleine of Sweden
Sensational New York Times article about her murder

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