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Kithairon: Quiz


Question 1: It was also the place where ________ hunted and killed the Cythaeronian lion, in the first of his long series of heroic deeds.
Trojan WarHeraclesApolloGreek mythology

Question 2: It is mainly composed of ________ and rises to 4,623 ft (1,409 m).
Sedimentary rockCarbonate rockLimestoneKarst topography

Question 3: The range was the scene of many events in Greek mythology and was especially sacred to ________.
ApolloHeraTrojan WarDionysus

Question 4:
Kithairon, Mount Olympus and Mount Parnassus are all:
Mountains of Greece Mythological kings Battle of Plataea Greek mythology

Question 5: In historic times, the mountain acted as a backdrop to the ________ of 479 BC and was the scene of much skirmishing before the battle itself.
Battle of PlataeaGreco-Persian WarsSecond Persian invasion of GreeceBattle of Mycale

Question 6:
Kithairon, Zeus and Sparta are all:
Battle of Plataea Mythological kings Mountains of Greece Greek mythology

Question 7: In later times fortifications were built both at ________ and Erythrai as the mountain formed the disputed natural border between Athens and Thebes.
SpartaPlataeaCorinthGreco-Persian Wars

Question 8:
Kithairon, Zeus and Sparta are all:
Mythological kings Greek mythology Battle of Plataea Mountains of Greece

Question 9:
Kithairon, Battle of Plataea and Aristodemus of Sparta are all:
Greek mythology Mythological kings Mountains of Greece Battle of Plataea

Question 10: Oedipus was exposed on the mountain, while ________ and Pentheus were both dismembered on its slopes.
DionysusActaeonCadmusGreek mythology

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