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Question 1: ________
List of women warriors in folkloreApolloGreek mythologyGoddess

Question 2: Kirsty Cotton is a ________ from the Hellraiser series of films.
NovelCharacter (arts)PoetrySatire

Question 3: In Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Kirsty is in the Channard Institute, a ________, after being traumatized by the events of Hellraiser.
Psychiatric hospitalPsychiatryAnti-psychiatryEmergency psychiatry

Question 4: With Channard dead, Kirsty and Tiffany manage to escape back to ________ using the puzzle box.

Question 5: Created by writer ________, the character first appears in the 1987 film Hellraiser and is based upon the character of the same name from the novel The Hellbound Heart.
RazorlineThe Midnight Meat TrainClive BarkerWeaveworld

Question 6: Toying with the puzzle box, Kirsty solves and inadvertently summons the ________ demons known as the Cenobites and their leader, Pinhead (Doug Bradley).
Bondage (sexual)Animal roleplayJapanese bondageSadomasochism

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