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Question 1: She remained there for the rest of the Winter War and afterwards was under repair at ________ from October 1940 to 21 May 1941.
KronstadtSaint PetersburgVeliky NovgorodVysotsk

Question 2: The Kirov-class (Project 26) cruisers were six vessels built between 1935 and 1944 for the ________: Kirov, Voroshilov, Maxim Gorky, Molotov, Kalinin, and Kaganovich.
Kirov class cruiserSoviet Naval AviationRussian NavySoviet Navy

Question 3: [14] She sailed to ________ on 22 October 1940 when the Soviet Union began to occupy Latvia; the following day she sailed for Liepāja.

Question 4: They saw action in the Black and ________ during World War II and lingered until the 1970s in training and other secondary roles.
English ChannelBaltic SeaArctic OceanNorth Sea

Question 5: A ZK-1a catapult was installed aboard Molotov in 1943 and she conducted successful experiments with a catapult-launched ________ fighter.
Supermarine SeafireP-51 MustangSupermarine Spitfire (early Merlin powered variants)Supermarine Spitfire

Question 6: On 2 November, she was hit twice in harbor by ________ bombers of KG 51; one hit started a fire in #3 magazine that was extinguished by water flooding in from the second hit.
Junkers Ju 88Junkers Ju 87Junkers Ju 188Junkers Ju 52

Question 7: She returned to the Mediterranean between September and December 1970 where she assisted the Kotlin-class destroyer Bravyi after the latter's collision with the ________ HMS Ark Royal on 9 November 1970.
Timeline for aircraft carrier serviceCarrier battle groupAircraft carrierBattleship

Question 8: ________ radars equipped most of the other ships.
Franklin D. RooseveltWorld War IILend-LeaseUnited Kingdom

Question 9: Gnevny sank, while Gorky made it to port before being transferred, with assistance, to ________ and later to Kronstadt.

Question 10: The armor of the Project 26 ships was vulnerable even to ________-class weapons at ranges under 10 km (6.2 mi) and the last four ships were given additional armor.
Tribal class destroyer (1936)V and W class destroyerFletcher class destroyerDestroyer

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