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Kinship terminology: Quiz


Question 1: Some languages, such as Tamil, Sinhalese, Chinese (see ________), Japanese, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Nepalese add another dimension to some relations: relative age.
WifeGrandparentChinese kinshipFamily

Question 2: Moreover, he argued, kinship terminologies distinguish between relatives by blood and ________ (although recently some anthropologists have argued that many societies define kinship in terms other than blood).
FamilyMarriageRomance (love)Polyamory

Question 3: For example, the word ________ in English-speaking societies indicates a son of the same parent; thus, English-speaking societies use the word brother as a descriptive term.

Question 4: Though much of his work is now considered dated, he argued that ________ terminologies reflect different sets of distinctions.

Question 5: Tagalog borrows the relative age system of the ________ and follows the generation system of kinship.
Chinese kinshipGrandparentFamilyWife

Question 6:
Kinship terminology refers to specific systems of ________ relationships.


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