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Kingdom of Sussex: Quiz


Question 1: Earlier in the same year he witnessed a charter of King ________[10] as Eaduuine dux.
Edward the MartyrAlfred the GreatÆthelred the UnreadyCnut the Great

Question 2: According to ________, Æðelwealh, king of Sussex, had been previously baptized in Mercia at the suggestion of Wulfhere, who presented him with the Isle of Wight and the district about the Meon.
Catholic ChurchBedePope Gregory IJohn Chrysostom

Question 3: Nunna is described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as the kinsman of ________ who fought with him against Geraint, King of the Britons, in 710.
Alfred the GreatCædwalla of WessexEgbert of WessexIne of Wessex

Question 4: A charter [2], dated 775 in error for 725, purports to be a grant by Noðhelm to Eadberht, ________, and to this too Watt appears as a witness.
Bishop of SalisburyBishop of ChichesterBishop of ElyBishop of Hereford

Question 5: The Kingdom of Sussex or Kingdom of the South Saxons (Old English: Sūþseaxna rīce) was one of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the boundaries of which coincided in general with those of the earlier kingdom of the Regnenses and the later county of ________.
East SussexSussexWest SussexEngland

Question 6: In 681 Wilfrid of York, on his expulsion from ________ by Ecgfrith, retired into Sussex, where he remained until 686 converting its pagan inhabitants.
NorthumbriaAmlaíb CuaránEric BloodaxeScandinavian York

Question 7: In 765 [7] and 770 [8] grants are made by a King Osmund, the latter of which was later confirmed by ________.
Offa of MerciaCoenwulf of MerciaEgbert of WessexCeolwulf I of Mercia

Question 8: According to the traditional account given in the ________, it was in 477 that a certain Ælle led the invaders ashore at a place called Cymes ora and defeated the inhabitants.
Alfred the GreatAnglo-SaxonsWessexAnglo-Saxon Chronicle

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