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Question 1:
What is the native name for Kingdom of Prussia
Ku00F6nigreich Preuu00DFen
Ducatus Ultradunensis

Question 2: After 1806, ________ simply was King of Prussia and summus episcopus.
Frederick William IV of PrussiaFrederick William III of PrussiaFrederick William II of PrussiaFrederick William I of Prussia

Question 3:
What region does Kingdom of Prussia belong to?
Spain, France, Germany and Netherlands
1. Germany,
France, Germany, Switzerland

Question 4:
What type of government does Kingdom of Prussia have?
Board of Supervisors
Absolute monarchy, unitary government
general law town

Question 5:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Kingdom of Prussia?
Wilhelm II
Wilhelm Frick
Wilhelm Pieck
Kaiser Wilhelm II

Question 6: With the abdication of Wilhelm II in 1918, the Kingdom of Prussia was dissolved and replaced with the ________.
Free State of Prussia (1918–1933)HamburgSaxonyWeimar Republic

Question 7:
What is the currency of Kingdom of Prussia?
Italian Lira
Albanian lek
Prussian thaler

Question 8:
What is the national anthem of Kingdom of Prussia?
God Save the King/Queen
Le Mali
La Marseillaise

Question 9:
Where does Kingdom of Prussia come from?
Germany,, Ecuador
Germany, America
, West Germany

Question 10:
What is the legislature of Kingdom of Prussia called?
Limited legislative role: Estates-General, Parlement
Supreme Council
8th Legislature


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