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Question 1: [79] However, the homespun ________ industry suffered during British rule, with the exception of the producers of the finest cloth and the coarse cloth which was popular with the rural masses.
Textile printingSilkTextileWeaving

Question 2: The ________ Palace was built in 1921 by E.W.
LondonBangaloreLalitha MahalMumbai

Question 3: Veena Sheshanna, a court musician during the rule of Maharaja Chamaraja IX,[127] is considered one of the greatest exponents of the ________.
Carnatic musicRamayanaVeenaTelugu language

Question 4:
Where does Kingdom of Mysore come from?

Question 5:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Kingdom of Mysore?
Roy Jenkins
William Pope Duval
Andrew Jackson

Question 6: [74] During Tipu's rule French technology was used for the first time in carpentry and smithy, Chinese technology was used for sugar production, and technology from ________ helped improve the sericulture industry.
BengalBangladeshWest BengalIndia

Question 7: He was succeeded by his son ________ who continued hostilities against the British by recapturing Baidanur and Mangalore.
Congreve rocketKarnatakaMangalorean CatholicsTipu Sultan

Question 8: In addition, he founded depots in foreign locations such as Karachi, ________ and Muscat, where Mysore products were sold.
RiyadhJeddahSaudi ArabiaMecca

Question 9:
What is Kingdom of Mysore's current status?
Sweden as Vassal of Holy Roman Empire
Autonomous pashalik of the Ottoman Empire
Possibly vassals of Kushan Empire

Question 10:
What religion does Kingdom of Mysore adhere to?


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