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Question 1:
What religion does Kingdom of Jerusalem adhere to?

Question 2:
What type of government does Kingdom of Jerusalem have?
Semi-elective monarchy
Parliamentary system and Constitutional monarchy
Monarchy / Democracy

Question 3:
What is the native name for Kingdom of Jerusalem
Regnum Hierosolimitanum
Palo Alto
Runkauksen luonnonpuisto

Question 4: Very soon, however, the participants saw the main objective as the capturing or recapturing of the ________.
Holy LandPalestineJerusalemJesus

Question 5: ________, contemporary crusader state in the Baltics
Livonian CrusadeEstoniaLivoniaTerra Mariana

Question 6:
What era did Kingdom of Jerusalem belong to?
Middle Ages, Modern Age
Early Modern Age
High Middle Ages
Late Antiquity-Late Middle Ages

Question 7: [17] The fall of Edessa shocked Europe, and a ________ arrived in 1148.
Second CrusadeWendish CrusadeFirst CrusadeCrusades

Question 8: Although they never gave up their core identity as Western Europeans or ________, their clothing, diet, and commercialism integrated much Oriental, particularly Byzantine, influence.
Germanic peoplesFranksLombardsSaxons

Question 9: It extended from Lebanon in the north to the Sinai Desert in the south, and into modern ________ and Syria in the east.
BarbadosZulu KingdomSaint HelenaJordan

Question 10: The title of King of Jerusalem was inherited by Conrad IV of Germany, son of Frederick II and Yolande, and later by his own son ________.
SicilyFrederick II, Holy Roman EmperorConradinNaples


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