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Question 1: Frederick's son Henry VI actually managed to extend Hohenstaufen authority in Italy by his conquest of the Norman ________, which comprised Sicily and all of Southern Italy.
Timeline of Maltese historyKingdom of the Two SiciliesMaltaKingdom of Sicily

Question 2: From 774, the kingdom came under the Frankish domination of ________.
Lothair ICharlemagneAlboinLouis the Pious

Question 3: The kingdom was also beset by Arab raiding parties from Sicily and ________, and central authority was minimal at best.
EuropeMiddle EastNorth AfricaMaghreb

Question 4: The Imperial crown was initially disputed among the Carolingian rulers of West Francia (France) and East Francia (Germany), with first the western king (________) and then the eastern (Charles the Fat) attaining the prize.
Louis the PiousCharles the BaldCharlemagneLothair I

Question 5: After 962, the Kings of Italy were always also Kings of Germany, and Italy thus became a constituent kingdom of the ________, along with Germany and (after 1032) Burgundy.
Byzantine EmpireHoly Roman EmpireFranciaGerman Empire

Question 6: After 568, the Lombard kings sometimes styled themselves ________ (Latin: rex totius ItaliƦ).
Victor Emmanuel III of ItalyUmberto I of ItalyCharlemagneKing of Italy

Question 7: They purportedly reigned during the ________; the first ruler attested independently of Lombard tradition is Tato.
Germanic peoplesEarly Middle AgesByzantine EmpireMigration period

Question 8: In 951 the Italian throne was claimed by Otto the Great, already ________.
Charles IV, Holy Roman EmperorList of German monarchsJoseph II, Holy Roman EmperorLouis IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 9: Nevertheless, the Imperial claims to suzerainty remained, and were actually called forth in the early 17th century when the ________ fell vacant in 1627.
Duchy of MilanDuchy of MantuaBishopric of TrentKingdom of Italy (medieval)

Question 10: The German king would be crowned by the ________ with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in Pavia as a prelude to the visit to Rome to be crowned Emperor by the Pope.
RescaldinaRoman Catholic Archdiocese of MilanProvince of MilanSolaro


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