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Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946): Quiz


Question 1: ________– Supreme commander of the Italian Royal Army, Navy, and later Air Force, from 1861 to 1938 and 1943 to 1946.
CharlemagneKing of ItalyUmberto I of ItalyVictor Emmanuel III of Italy

Question 2: The Kingdom of Italy (Italian: Regno d'Italia) was a state forged in 1861 by the unification of Italy under the influence of the Kingdom of Sardinia which is its legal predecessor State, and with the decisive help of ________ and the United Kingdom.
GreeceUnited StatesFranceCanada

Question 3: But obviously by the time of annexation, little connection to Italy remained amongst ________.
AlbaniansAlbanian languageAlbanian diasporaCham Albanians

Question 4: Already, Italy had large settlements in ________, Cairo, and Tunis.
Alexander the GreatAlexandriaGreeceAncient Greece

Question 5:
What is the national anthem of Kingdom of Italy (18611946)?
u0130stiklu00E2l Maru015Fu0131
"Jamaica, land we love"
"Marcia Reale d'Ordinanza"

Question 6:
What is the currency of Kingdom of Italy (18611946)?
Pound Scots
Italian lira
Currently USD
Nigerian naira

Question 7: [2] Despite their differences, Cavour agreed to include Garibaldi's ________ allowing it to join the union with Piedmont-Sardinia in 1860.
NaplesCampaniaSouthern ItalySicily

Question 8:
What is the capital of Kingdom of Italy (18611946)?

Question 9:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Kingdom of Italy (18611946)?

Question 10:
What type of government does Kingdom of Italy (18611946) have?
Totalitarian Single-party Fascist dictatorship
Federal government

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