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Kingdom of Israel: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (931 BCE - 722 BCE), the secessionist kingdom of northern Israelites
Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)Kingdom of Israel (united monarchy)HasmoneanKingdom of Judah

Question 2: ________ (1020 BCE - 931 BCE), the kingdom established by the Israelites and uniting them under a single king
Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)HasmoneanKingdom of JudahKingdom of Israel (united monarchy)

Question 3: ________ (37 BCE - 4 BCE), client kingdom ruled by Herod the Great and his heirs
Mary (mother of Jesus)Herod the GreatSaint JosephJesus

Question 4: ________ (140 BCE - 37 BCE), established by the Hasmoneans or "Maccabees"
Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)HasmoneanKingdom of Israel (united monarchy)Kingdom of Judah


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