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Kingdom of Essex: Quiz


Question 1: Despite the comparative obscurity of the kingdom, there were strong connections between Essex and the Kentish kingdom across the river Thames which led to the marriage of king Sledd to Ricula, sister of the king ________.
Egbert of WessexCoenwulf of MerciaEadbald of KentÆthelberht of Kent

Question 2: The early kingdom included the land of the Middle Saxons [1], later Middlesex, most if not all of ________ [2] and may at times have included Surrey[3].

Question 3: It was founded around 500 AD and covered the territory later occupied by the counties of ________, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

Question 4: The Kingdom of Essex or Kingdom of the East Saxons (Old English: Ēast Seaxna rīce) was one of the seven traditional kingdoms of the so-called ________ Heptarchy.
AnglesAnglo-SaxonsGermanic peoplesFrisians

Question 5: The kingdom of Essex produced relatively few Anglo-Saxon Charters[4] and no version of the ________.
Anglo-SaxonsWessexAnglo-Saxon ChronicleAlfred the Great

Question 6: The territory included the remains of two provincial Roman capitals ________ and London.

Question 7: Sigered was the last king of Essex, and he ceded the kingdom to ________.
Penda of MerciaCeolwulf I of MerciaCoenwulf of MerciaEgbert of Wessex

Question 8: The kingdom was bounded to the north by the River Stour and Kingdom of East Anglia, to the south by the River Thames and ________, to the east lay the North Sea and to the west Mercia.

Question 9: The earliest English record of the kingdom dates to ________'s Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, which noted the arrival of Bishop (later Saint) Mellitus in London in 604.
BedeCatholic ChurchJohn ChrysostomPope Gregory I


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