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Question 1:
What religion does Kingdom of England adhere to?
Roman Catholic, but Protestant when required
Roman Catholic until 1533, Anglican thereafter
Roman Catholic 17%
Roman Catholic, former Southern Baptist

Question 2: R., The Tudor Revolution in Government: Administrative Changes in the Reign of Henry VIII (________, 1953)
EnglandOxford University PressCambridge University PressAuthorized King James Version

Question 3:
What type of government does Kingdom of England have?
Monarchy until 1795, Principality from 1795 to 1803, zamindari from 1803
hereditary monarchy
Confederate Monarchy

Question 4:
Where does Kingdom of England come from?
Devon, England
England United Kingdom
England. GU32 2DG

Question 5:
What region does Kingdom of England belong to?
British Isles
British philosophy
Southwestern British Columbia into Northern Washington
During British India

Question 6:
What is the capital of Kingdom of England?

Question 7: At its height, the Kingdom of England spanned the southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain (including Wales) and several smaller outlying islands—what is today the legal unit of ________.
English lawEngland and WalesUnited KingdomScotland

Question 8:
What is the legislature of Kingdom of England called?
The 174th Ordinary Session
52nd legislature, ordinary session 2008-2009
Curia Regis
Customary rules

Question 9:
Which of the following titles did Kingdom of England have?
Kingdom of England
Miss England 2007
The Last of England
Miss England 2008

Question 10:
What is the currency of Kingdom of England?
Japanese Symbol, Pronounced
Pound sterling
East Caribbean dollar
Jamaican dollar

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