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Kingdom of Croatia (medieval): Quiz


Question 1: Facing a number of naval threats, the Croatian Prince Domagoj (864–876) built up the Croatian navy again and helped the Franks conquer ________ in 871.

Question 2: However, in 1072, Krešimir assisted the Bulgarian and ________ uprising against their Byzantine masters.
SerbiaBelgradeSerbian diasporaSerbs

Question 3: Miroslav (945–949) was killed by his ban, Pribina, during an internal power struggle, and Croatia again lost the islands of Brač, ________, and Vis to the dukes of Pagania.

Question 4: The earliest record of contact between the Roman Pope and the ________ dates from a mid-7th century entry in the Liber Pontificalis.
Croatian languageCroatiaCroatian national costumeCroats

Question 5: The fourth relevant group, but not so powerful with regard to the Croatian state, were the nearby Slavs in the southeast, the Serbs and the ________.
BulgariansBulgarian literatureBulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian Empire

Question 6: After the death of ________ in 814, the Frankish influence decreased, and the Croatian prince Ljudevit Posavski raised in Pannonia a rebellion (819).
CharlemagneLothair ILouis the PiousAlboin

Question 7: ________. Retrieved 2009-03-16.
Library of CongressUnited States House of RepresentativesUnited States CongressUnited States Capitol

Question 8: He managed to unify the Kingdom around his capital of ________ and force the Hungarian Prince Álmos from northern Croatia in 1095.
Kijevo, CroatiaŠibenikDrnišKnin

Question 9: The last Prince of the Pannonian Croats under the Franks was Braslav (died in 897?), mentioned in 896, who died in a war with the ________, who then migrated to the Pannonian plain.
EuropeRomaniaHungaryHungarian people

Question 10: Local leaders, the župani, were replaced by the retainers of the king, who took land from the previous landowners, essentially creating a ________.


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