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Kingdom of Burgundy: Quiz


Question 1: From 1361 to 1477 both the Duchy of Burgundy and the Free County of Burgundy were ruled by a cadet branch of the House of Valois (see ________).
Charles V, Holy Roman EmperorCharles the BoldMary of BurgundyDuke of Burgundy

Question 2: It was one of the three kingdoms within the medieval Empire, the others being the ________ and the Kingdom of Italy.
Kingdom of GermanyHoly Roman EmpireHistory of GermanyEast Francia

Question 3: This second Kingdom of Burgundy was absorbed into the ________ under Conrad II in 1032, as the Kingdom of Arles.
Holy Roman EmpireFranciaGerman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 4: However all of these lands were notionally held by the House of Valois-Burgundy as ________ vassals of either the King of France or the Holy Roman Emperor.

Question 5: The ________ was an entity within the Holy Roman Empire from 867 to 1678, since when it has been the French region (originally province) of Franche-Comté.
Burgundian CircleCounty of HainautCounty of ArtoisCounty of Burgundy

Question 6: The ________ was a feudal fief within the Kingdom of France.
Duchy of BurgundyCounty of BurgundyCapetian dynastyEarly Modern France

Question 7: It occupied some of the lands of the former kingdom of Middle Francia, the central slice created by the three way division of the ________ by the Treaty of Verdun (843).
Byzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireFranciaHoly Roman Empire

Question 8: The territory ruled by the Kings of the ________ (an East Germanic tribe) between the late 4th century and the 530s, when the Burgundians were conquered by the Franks, is sometimes called the First Kingdom of Burgundy.
VandalsGermanic peoplesBurgundiansAlamanni


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