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Question 1: The Kingdom of Aragón gave the name to the Crown of Aragon, after the dynastic union in 1150 of a ________ (Ramon Berenguer IV) with a Queen of Aragón (Petronila of Aragon), their son inheriting all their respective territories.
History of CataloniaCatalan literatureCounts of BarcelonaCatalan nationalism

Question 2: It should not be confused with the larger ________, of which the Kingdom of Aragon was a member along with other territories such as the Kingdom of Valencia or the County of Barcelona, all of them under the rule of the King of Aragon.
Principality of CataloniaCrown of AragonPeter III of AragonSpain

Question 3: The King of Aragón was the direct King of the Aragonese region, and held also the title of King of Valencia, King of Majorca (for a time), ________, Lord of Montpellier, and, for a time, Duke of Athens and Neopatria.
History of CataloniaCatalan literatureCounts of BarcelonaCatalan nationalism

Question 4: As the kingdom expanded to the south, conquering land from ________, the capital city moved from Jaca to Huesca (1096), and later to Zaragoza (1118).
HispaniaAl-AndalusIslamic Golden AgeIslamic contributions to Medieval Europe

Question 5: In the 11th century, lands in the County of Aragon were given by ________ to his son Ramiro I, who also acquired the counties of Ribagorza and Sobrarbe following the death of this brother Gonzalo in 1043.
ReconquistaWay of St. JamesSancho III of NavarreJiménez dynasty

Question 6: The Kingdom of Aragon is discussed in the video game Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors, where ________ tries to drive the Moors out of Spain.
Yusuf ibn TashfinEl CidAl-AndalusIberian Peninsula

Question 7: The Kingdom of Aragon was a medieval and early modern kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula, corresponding to the modern-day autonomous community of ________ (Aragón), in Spain.
AragonAndalusiaCastile and LeónCatalonia


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