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King of the Jews: Quiz


Question 1: King of the Jews, play by ________
Alexander II of RussiaGrand Duke Constantine Constantinovich of RussiaGrand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of RussiaNicholas II of Russia

Question 2: ________ dynasty (140 – 37 BCE)
HasmoneanPhariseesFirst Jewish–Roman WarJewish history

Question 3: Mocking epithet applied to ________ (1334–1369) by Henry of Trastamara
War of the Two PetersIsabella I of CastileHenry II of CastilePeter of Castile

Question 4: ________ (c.931 – 586 BCE)
Kingdom of JudahKingdom of Israel (united monarchy)Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)Hasmonean

Question 5: Nickname for various ________ bosses
Lucky LucianoBugsy SiegelJewish-American organized crimeMurder, Inc.

Question 6: In the antisemitic forgery ________, the future figurehead envisaged by the Elders.
The Protocols of the Elders of ZionNew World Order (conspiracy theory)Holocaust denialAntisemitism

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