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Question 1: The next year, the ________ abdicated his Imperial title.
Joseph II, Holy Roman EmperorCharles VI, Holy Roman EmperorLeopold II, Holy Roman EmperorFrancis II, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 2: However the various emperors ruled only parts of Italy, and many independent states existed on the peninsula over the subsequent centuries, some of which were kingdoms, such as the Kingdom of Sicily and the ________.
Kingdom of EtruriaKingdom of NaplesCharles III of SpainNapoleonic Wars

Question 3: ________ (879–887)
Conrad II, Holy Roman EmperorCharles the FatOtto I, Holy Roman EmperorLouis the Younger

Question 4: By the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 most of the Italian territories of the ________ were lost to it and the Italian Crown held no significance thereafter, either de facto or de jure.
Holy Roman EmpireFranciaByzantine EmpireGerman Empire

Question 5: The Risorgimento successfully established a dynasty, the ________, over the whole peninsula, uniting the kingdoms of Sardinia and the Two Sicilies.
House of HabsburgHouse of BourbonHouse of SavoyHohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Question 6: Within the ________, Italy was ruled by a rex Italiae.
FranciaByzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireHoly Roman Empire

Question 7: After the deposition of Western Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus in 476, Heruli leader Odoacer was appointed dux Italiae (Duke of Italy) by the reigning ________ Zeno.
List of Byzantine emperorsList of Roman EmperorsConcise list of Roman EmperorsConstantine I

Question 8: However, in 774, they were defeated by the Franks under ________, who deposed their king and took up the title rex Langobardorum ("King of the Lombards").
AlboinLothair ICharlemagneLouis the Pious

Question 9: In 1805, ________ endeavoured to attach the Lombard heritage to France again and was crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in Pavia.
First French EmpireFrench DirectoryNapoleon INapoleonic Wars

Question 10: ________ (875–877)
Charles the BaldLouis the PiousCharles the FatCharlemagne


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