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Question 1: Four better known species of the Elapidae are the ________, Death Adder, Black mamba, and of course, the King Cobra.
Coral snakeMilk SnakeMicrurus tenerMexico

Question 2:
What kind of animal is a King Cobra?

Question 3:
What role did Pat Morita play in the videomovie King Cobra?
Dr. Joseph McConnell
Dr. Irwin Burns
Nick Hashimoto
Sheriff Ben Lowry

Question 4:
What family does King Cobra belong to?

Question 5:
What genus does King Cobra belong to?

Question 6:
What role did Courtney Gains play in the videomovie King Cobra?
Nick Hashimoto
Mayor Ed Biddle
Sheriff Ben Lowry
Dr. Joseph McConnell

Question 7:
Who played Nick Hashimoto the videomovie King Cobra?
Hoyt Axton
Pat Morita
Arell Blanton
Joseph Ruskin

Question 8:
What is the binomial authority of King Cobra?
Ausserer, 1875
Cantor, 1836
Vigors & Horsfield, 1827

Question 9: King Cobra populations have dropped in some areas of its range because of the destruction of forests, but despite this the snake is not listed by the IUCN as in danger of becoming ________.
Holocene extinctionConservation biologyEvolutionExtinction

Question 10:
Who played Conrad the videomovie King Cobra?
Jerry Kernion
Hoyt Axton
Courtney Gains
Pat Morita

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