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King's African Rifles: Quiz


Question 1: Part of the KAR's expansion involved bringing up unit strengths to the same size as British and ________ Imperial Service units, while also increasing the numbers of white officers and NCOs.
Kargil WarIndian Armed ForcesIndian ArmyParam Vir Chakra

Question 2: During the ________, the KAR was slowly demobilised to a peace time establishment of 6 battalions, at which strength the Regiment remained until World War II.
Early Middle AgesPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthHigh Middle AgesInterwar period

Question 3: The colours had many of the regiment's ________ emblazoned on it.
Colours, standards and guidonsThe RiflesBritish ArmyBattle honour

Question 4: ________ - U.S.
Michelle ObamaBarack ObamaFamily of Barack ObamaInauguration of Barack Obama

Question 5: The King's African Rifles took part in the campaigns against Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan in ________ during the early 1900s.
Somali peopleSomaliaSudanSomaliland

Question 6: In 1941, during the East African Campaign, Sergeant Nigel Gray Leakey of the 1/6th Battalion was awarded the regiment's first and only ________ (VC).
Victoria CrossVictoria Cross for New ZealandVictoria Cross for AustraliaVictoria Cross (Canada)

Question 7: President ________'s paternal grandfather
John Edwards2008 Democratic National ConventionBarack Obama2004 Democratic National Convention

Question 8: The regiment fought in the East African Campaign against the German commander ________ and his forces in German East Africa.
TanzaniaPaul Emil von Lettow-VorbeckGerman colonial empireGerman Empire

Question 9: Rank and file were Africans called askaris, while most officers were seconded from ________ regiments.
British Armed ForcesBritish ArmyRoyal Military PoliceTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)

Question 10: The King's African Rifles (KAR) was a multi-________ British colonial regiment raised from the various British possessions in East Africa from 1902 until independence in the 1960s.
Division (military)Company (military unit)BrigadeBattalion


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