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Kinetic energy: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, we must change the expression for linear momentum.
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetismGeneral relativitySpecial relativity

Question 2: Negative work of the same magnitude would be required to return the body to a state of rest from that ________.
SpeedKinematicsClassical mechanicsVelocity

Question 3: If a body's speed is a significant fraction of the speed of light, it is necessary to use relativistic mechanics (the theory of relativity as expounded by ________) to calculate its kinetic energy.
Relationship between religion and scienceScientific methodIsaac NewtonAlbert Einstein

Question 4: The principle in classical mechanics that E ∝ mv² was first theorized by ________ and Johann Bernoulli, who described kinetic energy as the "living force", vis viva.
Ludwig WittgensteinImmanuel KantGottfried LeibnizPlato

Question 5: In the game of ________, the player gives kinetic energy to the cue ball by striking it with the cue stick.
Carom billiardsFive-pinsCue sportsBilliard ball

Question 6: Collisions in billiards are effectively ________, where (by definition) kinetic energy is preserved.
Classical mechanicsAtomNeutron moderatorElastic collision

Question 7: These can be categorized in two main classes: ________ and kinetic energy.
ForceAtomElectric potentialPotential energy

Question 8: The relation between kinetic energy and ________ is more complicated in this case, and is given by the equation:
Classical mechanicsForceAngular momentumMomentum

Question 9: The mathematical by-product of this calculation is the ________ formula—the body at rest must have energy content equal to:
Lorentz ether theorySpecial relativityPhotonMass–energy equivalence

Question 10: The total kinetic energy of a system depends on the inertial frame of reference: it is the sum of the total kinetic energy in a center of momentum frame and the kinetic energy the total mass would have if it were concentrated in the ________.
Center of massVehicle dynamicsCar handlingTire


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