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Kinase: Quiz


Question 1: An enzyme that removes phosphate groups is known as a ________.
LipasePhospholipase A2PhosphataseCholinesterase

Question 2: One of the largest groups of kinases or phosphorylases are ________, which act on and modify the activity of specific proteins.
Protein kinaseAspartokinaseTyrosine kinaseGlucokinase

Question 3: Various other kinases act on small molecules such as lipids, carbohydrates, ________, and nucleotides, either for signaling or to prime them for metabolic pathway.
Amino acid synthesisL-DOPAAmino acidMetabolism

Question 4: In chemistry and ________, a kinase, alternatively known as a phosphotransferase, is a type of enzyme that transfers phosphate groups from high-energy donor molecules, such as ATP, to specific substrates.
ProteinBiochemistryMetabolismAmino acid


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