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Kimberlite: Quiz


Question 1: The deposits occurring at Kimberley, ________ were the first recognized and the source of the name.
CanadaSierra LeoneSouth AfricaMauritius

Question 2: Kimberlites are the most important source of primary ________.

Question 3: This is largely because it serves as a carrier of diamonds and garnet ________ mantle xenoliths to the Earth's surface.
PeridotiteKomatiiteIgneous rockBasalt

Question 4: It is named after the town of Kimberley in ________, where the discovery of an 83.5 carats (16.7 g) diamond in 1871 spawned a diamond rush, eventually creating the Big Hole.
CanadaSierra LeoneMauritiusSouth Africa

Question 5: Two ________ kimberlite dikes exist in Pennsylvania.
DinosaurJurassicCretaceousGeologic time scale

Question 6: The groundmass mineralogy, which more closely resembles a true composition of the igneous rock, contains forsteritic olivine, pyrope garnet, Cr-diopside, magnesian ________ and spinel.
IlmeniteTitaniteRutileHeavy mineral sands ore deposits

Question 7: One, the Gates-Adah Dike, outcrops on the ________ on the border of Fayette and Greene Counties.
PittsburghMonongahela RiverMcKeesport, PennsylvaniaAllegheny County, Pennsylvania

Question 8: The Kimberley ________ were originally found in weathered kimberlite which was colored yellow by limonite, and so was called yellow ground.

Question 9: Kimberlite is a type of potassic volcanic rock best known for sometimes containing ________.


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