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Kilometre Zero: Quiz


Question 1: The big flagpole west of the Rizal Monument in Rizal Park is Kilometer Zero for road distances on the island of ________ and the rest of the Philippines.
ManilaLuzonIlocos RegionMetro Manila

Question 2: Origin point of the ________ in Victoria, British Columbia, on the southern end of Vancouver Island.
Trans-Canada HighwayConfederation BridgeBritish Columbia Highway 1Yellowhead Highway

Question 3: DR-1,DR-2, and DR-3 all depart from Kilometre Zero from ________'s Parque de Independencia.
Santo DomingoSan Juan, Puerto RicoHavanaMexico City

Question 4: ________'s Kilometer Null[citation needed] is located in Olten.

Question 5: See also, London Stone, and St Mary-le-Bow, a church from which the distance of the original London to ________ road is measured.
PeacehavenNewhaven, East SussexSeaford, East SussexLewes

Question 6: ________ has two points that are declared as Kilometre Zero.
CambodiaMalaysiaThailandPapua New Guinea

Question 7: ________ are usually built and maintained by the states and territories.
Hume HighwayHighways in AustraliaPrinces HighwaySturt Highway

Question 8: ________'s Autopista Central (the Chilean portion of the Panamerican Highway) has its Kilometre Zero at the intersection with the Alameda del Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins.

Question 9: Most distances from London are measured in miles from ________.
WestminsterSohoPaddingtonCharing Cross

Question 10: The most famous such marker of which any part survives from ancient times is the ________ ("Golden Milestone") of the Roman Empire, believed to be the literal origin for the maxim that "all roads lead to Rome."
Ancient RomeAugustusRoman ForumMilliarium Aureum


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