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Question 1: Another issue to be overcome is that silicon oxidizes and forms a thin layer (equivalent to 5–20 silicon atoms) of silicon dioxide (________) and silicon monoxide.

Question 2:
Which of the following units was Kilogram a part of?
Company "I" of the 62nd New York State Volunteers
First Army
Parachute Regiment

Question 3: It is the only SI base unit with an ________ as part of its name.
Giga-SI prefixMega-Engineering notation

Question 4: Experiments over a period of years in Japan with a superconducting, 30 g mass supported by ________ levitation never achieved an uncertainty better than ten parts per million.
Magnetic fieldSuperdiamagnetismDiamagnetismFerromagnetism

Question 5: Even units used in the measure of light would be affected; the ________—following the change in the watt—would in turn affect the lumen and lux.
Luminous intensityCandelaPhotometry (optics)Luminous efficacy

Question 6: However, mass is actually an inertial property; that is, the tendency of an object to remain at constant velocity unless acted upon by an outside ________.
EnergyPhysicsClassical mechanicsForce

Question 7: For most purposes, the unit “________” is instead used.
Metric systemUnited States customary unitsKilogramTonne

Question 8: However, as of April 2007, the U.S.’s ________ (NIST) had an implementation of the watt balance that was approaching this goal, with a demonstrated uncertainty of 36 µg.
National Technical Information ServiceNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationBureau of Industry and Security

Question 9: The kilogram is a unit of ________, the measurement of which corresponds to the general, everyday notion of how “heavy” something is.
MassForceGeneral relativityClassical mechanics

Question 10: Because ________ may not be concatenated (serially linked) within the name or symbol for a unit of measure, SI prefixes are used with the gram, not the kilogram, which already has a prefix as part of its name.
Engineering notationGiga-Mega-SI prefix


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