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Kill screen: Quiz


Question 1: Pac-Man has a famous kill screen, often referred to as the ________ Bomb Screen.
Ms. Pac-ManPac-Man PlusPac-ManPac-Mania

Question 2: In the NES game ________, there is a kill screen that occurs in the 100th level (in the game known as level 0).
NintendoNintendo Entertainment SystemDuck HuntSuper Mario Bros.

Question 3: Steve Wiebe, a competitor from Redmond, Washington, got this screen when he attempted to beat Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong high score (which was the world record) on G4TV at ________.
Entertainment Software AssociationElectronic Entertainment Expo 2009PlayStation MoveElectronic Entertainment Expo 2010

Question 4: The game's level counter was a single 8-bit ________, and could therefore store only 256 distinct values (0–255).
Pointer (computing)Primitive data typeInteger (computer science)Byte

Question 5: Kill screens were much more common during the ________.
History of video gamesHistory of video game consoles (second generation)History of video game consoles (sixth generation)Golden age of video arcade games

Question 6: A kill screen is a stage or level in a video game (often an ________) that stops the player's progress due to a programming error or design oversight.
Online gameArcade gamePersonal computer gameVideo game genres


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