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Kilij: Quiz


Question 1: After the invasion of ________ this sword type was carried by Turkomen tribes to the future birthplace of the Ottoman Empire.
IstanbulTurkish peopleAnatoliaTurkey

Question 2: The İranian shamshir was created during the Turkic ________ period of İran.
Timurid dynastyGreat Seljuq EmpireGhaznavidsSafavid dynasty

Question 3: The kilij (from Turkish kılıç, literally "a sword" [1]), is a sword used by the Turks throughout history including Seljuk Empire,Timurid Empire,Mamluk Empire, ________ and later Turkic Khanates of Central Asia.
TurkeyIstanbulOttoman EmpireTurkish people

Question 4: The American victory over the rebellious forces in the citadel of Tripoli in 1805 during the ________, led to the presentation of bejewelled examples of these swords to the senior officers of the US Marines.
American Revolutionary WarSecond Barbary WarFirst Barbary WarQuasi-War

Question 5: The Kilij, as a specific type of sabre associated with the Ottoman Turks and the Mamluks of ________, was recognisable by the late 15th century.

Question 6: During the ________, the French conquest of Egypt brought these beautiful and functional swords to the attention of the Europeans.
Napoleonic WarsGrande ArméeNapoleon IFirst French Empire


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