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Question 1: The ________ in the image is so large that only portions of the film are not overexposed.
Signal-to-noise ratioDynamic rangeAudio system measurementsDecibel

Question 2: The first ________ (SEM) image was an image of electron channeling contrast in silicon steel[13].
TungstenScanning electron microscopeOsmiumGold

Question 3: Note also that the figure at left is excerpted from a ________ centered on that [001] zone.
ManifoldLambert azimuthal equal-area projectionConformal mapStereographic projection

Question 4: Kikuchi lines pair up to form bands in ________ from single crystal specimens, there to serve as "roads in orientation-space" for microscopists not sure what they are looking at.
HolographyElectron diffractionTransmission electron microscopyWave–particle duality

Question 5: The figure at left shows the Kikuchi lines leading to a ________ [100] zone, taken with the beam direction approximately 7.9° away from the zone along the (004) Kikuchi band.

Question 6: In ________, they are easily seen in diffraction from regions of the specimen thick enough for multiple scattering[1].
Scanning transmission electron microscopyScanning electron microscopeTransmission electron microscopyX-ray


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