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Kieron Gillen: Quiz


Question 1: Crown of Destruction (with Dwayne Harris, 4-issue mini-series, ________, September-December 2008)
Ian EdgintonSteve NilesBoom! StudiosImage Comics

Question 2: [14][15] Gillen will also be doing six issues of Thor, following ________.
Babylon 5Babylon 5: The Lost TalesJ. Michael StraczynskiCrusade (TV series)

Question 3: Gillen recently has written numerous projects for ________.
Marvel ComicsMarvel AnimationMarvel StudiosMarvel Entertainment

Question 4: Gillen has worked for many years as a video game journalist and has, more recently, worked on various ________.
ComicsAmerican comic bookComic stripComic book

Question 5: Kieron Gillen (born 30 September, 1975) is a British computer games and music journalist, as well as a comic book ________.
Copy (written)AuthorProofreadingEditing

Question 6: [10][11] He also got more work at Marvel with a Dazzler story and a ________ one-shot and mini-series.
Beta Ray BillStan LeeJack KirbyThe Super Hero Squad Show

Question 7: He is perhaps best known for his creator-owned comic Phonogram, created with artist Jamie McKelvie, published by ________.
Marvel ComicsAwesome ComicsWildStormImage Comics

Question 8: Veteran comics writer Warren Ellis has dubbed it "one of the few truly essential comics of 2006."[7] The first issue, published by ________, went on sale in August 2006 and ran for six issues.
WildStormImage ComicsAwesome ComicsMarvel Comics

Question 9: He is notable for his manifesto[2] for ________, more simply the model of new journalism applied to videogames journalism.
Collaborative journalismJournalism ethics and standardsNewspaperVideo game journalism

Question 10: His current project, described by Gillen as "my first real comic,"[6] is another collaboration with McKelvie, the pop-music ________ Phonogram.
Fantastic artUrban fantasyMagician (fantasy)Contemporary fantasy


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