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Kiddush: Quiz


Question 1: Some people also host a kiddush on the ________ of a parent or other relative.
JudaismJewish holidayBereavement in JudaismSefer Torah

Question 2: After the kiddush (as for any other blessing) those present say "________," which means "truly." Those who say "amen" are considered to have said the kiddush by proxy.

Question 3: To honor the ________ of reciting kiddush, a silver goblet is often used, although any cup can suffice.
MitzvahJewish holidayUpsherinTzitzit

Question 4: The reception will include wine and cake (or other form of mezonot), as well as, typically, soft drinks, and buffet items such as herring, kugel, salads and ________.
CholentJewish servicesChallahTorah reading

Question 5: The term kiddush is also used to refer to a ceremonial meal served at a ________ following the recitation of kiddush at the conclusion of services, in which refreshments are served.
Sephardi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsAshkenazi JewsSynagogue

Question 6: Most people consider non-wine alcoholic beverages to be Hamar Medina, but there is some disagreement on the status of ________ and other non-alcoholic beverages.
MilkUnited KingdomUnited StatesSoft drink

Question 7: In other synagogues the ________ or gabbai recites the kiddush.
Conservative JudaismRabbiOrthodox JudaismJews

Question 8: Often a kiddush is hosted by a family celebrating the birth of a daughter, a ________, a wedding, an engagement, a birthday, or other happy occasion.
MikvehBrit milahBar and Bat MitzvahJewish services

Question 9: This version of kiddush is said on the festival nights of ________, Shavuot, Sukkot, and Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah.
ShabbatThe Nine DaysPassoverJewish holiday

Question 10: Before reciting kiddush, the ________, which will be the next food item eaten in honor of the Shabbat or holiday, is first covered with a cloth.
Torah readingSeudah ShlishitChallahJewish services


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