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Kibibyte: Quiz


Question 1: The kibibyte is closely related to the kilobyte, which can be used either as a synonym for kibibyte or to refer to 103 bytes = 1,000 bytes (see ________).
MegabyteMebibyteSI prefixBinary prefix

Question 2: Adoption of this term has been limited, primarily being used in ________.
Open-source softwareCopyleftFree software movementFree software

Question 3: Thus the term kibibyte has been defined to refer exclusively to 1,024 ________.
BytePointer (computing)BitInteger (computer science)

Question 4: The confusion caused by kilobyte being used to refer either to 1,000 or to 1,024 bytes became more substantial when ________ grew to gigabyte and larger units.
Floppy diskUSB flash driveHard disk driveUniversal Serial Bus

Question 5: A kibibyte (a contraction of kilobinary byte, pronounced KEE-bee-byte) is a unit of information or computer storage, established by the ________ in 2000.
International Electrotechnical CommissionItalyFranceJapan

Question 6: In The Art of Computer Programming, ________ proposed that this unit be called a large kilobyte (abbreviated KKB).
Allen NewellHerbert SimonJohn McCarthy (computer scientist)Donald Knuth

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