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Khwarezm: Quiz


Question 1: The inhabitants were called Khwalis or Kaliz by the Magyars after the eastern-most Kabars of ________, who dwelt in Carpathian Galicia.

Question 2: they came, burning and slaying, and were at the walls of ________...

Question 3: The region of Khwarezmia was split between the White Horde and ________, and its capital of Old Urgench was rebuilt and again became one of the largest and most important trading centers in Central Asia.
Chagatai KhanateMongol EmpireGolden HordeIlkhanate

Question 4: Ras Tarkhan, a mercenary leader of the ________.
JewsKhazarsAntisemitismAshkenazi Jews

Question 5: Then from 1218 to 1220 ________ and his Mongols launched the invasion of Central Asia and destroyed the Kara-Khitan Khanate and the Khwarezmid Empire, including the capital of the latter, Old Urgench (Kunya Urgench).
Mongol EmpireGolden HordeÖgedei KhanGenghis Khan

Question 6: In the 11th century, the ________ was founded and, in the early 13th century, ruled over all of Persia under the Shah Allah al-Din Muhammad II.
Khwārazm-Shāh dynastyGreat Seljuq EmpireIlkhanateSassanid Empire

Question 7: Nevertheless the beauty and fame of ________ and Samarqand are well known in Persian literature.

Question 8: However, Timur regarded Khwarezm as a rival to ________, and over the course of 5 campaigns, he destroyed Old Urgench completely in 1388.

Question 9: In the very early part of its history, the inhabitants of the area were from Iranian[17][18] stock and they spoke an Eastern ________ called Khwarezmian.
Iranian languagesKurdish languagePersian languageOssetic language

Question 10: The area of Khwarezm was under Afrighid and then ________ control until the 10th century before it was conquered by the Ghaznavidss.
SamanidsTimurid dynastyGreat Seljuq EmpireSafavid dynasty


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