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Question 1: The Khmer ________ is divided into 12 months with the traditional new year beginning on the first day of khae chaet which coincides with the first new moon of April in the western calendar.
BuddhismMaitreyaBuddhist calendarBuddhist councils

Question 2: This period, during which ________ was constructed, is considered the apex of Khmer civilization.
Ashoka the GreatAngkor WatThai temple art and architectureBuddhist art

Question 3: There are also significant Khmer populations native to ________ and Vietnam.
Papua New GuineaThailandCambodiaMalaysia

Question 4: After establishment in Southeast Asia, the history of the Khmer people parallels the ________.
History of VietnamChenlaHistory of CambodiaHistory of India

Question 5: However, the variety of Khmer spoken in ________ is more representative of the speech of the majority of the population.
Battambang DistrictBanan District (Cambodia)BattambangBattambang Province

Question 6: Due to the Cambodian Civil War, thousands of Khmer now reside in the United States, Canada, ________ and France as well.
BarbadosJamaicaUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 7: The majority of the Khmer are followers of the Khmer style of Buddhism, a highly syncretic version which blends elements of Theravada Buddhism, ________, animism and ancestor-spirit worship.
AyyavazhiJainismHinduismIndian religions

Question 8: [5] Significant populations of Khmers reside in adjacent areas of Thailand (Northern Khmer) and the Mekong Delta region of neighboring ________ (Khmer Krom).
PhilippinesVietnamEast TimorPapua New Guinea

Question 9: Many Khmer loanwords are found in Thai and Lao, and the Thai Alphabet is derived from the Khmer alphabet, which in turn, is derived from the ________ of southern India.
Grantha scriptMalayalam scriptBrāhmī scriptBengali script

Question 10: They speak the ________, which is part of the larger Mon-Khmer language family found throughout Southeast Asia.
Thai languageKhmer languageLao languageVietnamese language


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