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Question 1: Another important factor was the dire state of the Cambodian economy, an indirect result of Sihanouk's policies of pursuing neutrality through virulent ________.
Anti-AmericanismUnited StatesCentral Intelligence AgencyAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)

Question 2: As well as fighting the ________ against the pro-Sihanouk and communist insurgents and the North Vietnamese, the Khmer Republic faced considerable internal problems.
Cambodian Civil WarVietnam WarLaotian Civil WarPol Pot

Question 3: The Republic eventually fell on 17 April 1975, when the Cambodian communists took ________.
BangkokPhnom PenhKuala LumpurDhaka

Question 4: The Khmer Republic was opposed within the Cambodian borders by the Front Uni National du Kampuchea or FUNK, a relatively broad alliance between Sihanouk, his supporters, and the ________.
Pol PotCommunist Party of KampucheaSon SenKhmer Rouge

Question 5: There were in fact a few contacts between some of the more moderate elements of the ________ communists - notably Hou Yuon - and the Republic.
Pol PotKhmer RougeSon SenCambodia

Question 6: With the removal of Sihanouk, the existing Kingdom of Cambodia became a ________, although the throne had been officially vacant for some years since the death of King Norodom Suramarit.
DemocracyRepublicConstitutional monarchyMonarchy

Question 7: The République Khmère or Khmer Republic, was the ill-fated regime of ________ that preceded the establishment of the totalitarian communist state known as Democratic Kampuchea.
MalaysiaCambodiaCanadaPapua New Guinea

Question 8: On 12 March, the prime minister closed the port of ________ - through which weapons were being smuggled to the NLF - to the North Vietnamese and issued an impossible ultimatum to them.
CambodiaPhnom PenhSihanoukvilleRatanakiri Province


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