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Question 1: "The Khazar Kingdom's Conversion to ________." (Journal Article in Harvard Ukrainian Studies, 1978)

Question 2: Upon his conquest of Tmutarakan in the 1080s Oleg gave himself the title "________ of Khazaria".

Question 3: In addition, from the late 600s the Khazars controlled most of the Crimea and the northeast littoral of the ________.
Aegean SeaBlack SeaMediterranean SeaBaltic Sea

Question 4:
What era did Khazars belong to?
Middle Ages
Middle ages
Iron Age
Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

Question 5: The Byzantine emperor Leo III married his son Constantine (later ________ Kopronymous) to the Khazar princess Tzitzak (daughter of the Khagan Bihar) as part of the alliance between the two empires.
ArtabasdosConstantine VPhilippikos BardanesTheophilos (emperor)

Question 6: Fadhlun the Kurd has been identified as al-Fadhl ibn Muhammad al-Shaddadi, who ruled Arran and other parts of ________ in the 1030s.

Question 7:
What religion does Khazars adhere to?
Hinduism, Islam and Shamanism
Tengriism, Shamanism, and later Judaism
Judaism, conversion to Christianity
converted to Judaism

Question 8: Among the coins were several dated 837/8 CE and bearing the legend, in ________, "Moses is the Prophet of God" (a modification of the Muslim coin inscription "Muhammad is the Prophet of God").
Arabic languageSyriac alphabetHebrew alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 9:
What region does Khazars belong to?
Yorkshire and the Humber
Pays de la Loire

Question 10: Early Rus' sources sometimes referred to the city of Khazaran (across the ________ from Atil) as Khvalisy and the Khazar (Caspian) sea as Khvaliskoye.
Sviyaga RiverSelizharovka RiverVolga RiverKuybyshev Reservoir


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