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Khatri: Quiz


Question 1: During the reign of ________ Ranjit Singh, the Misl that was always ahead of other Misls and continuously moving ahead and helping other Sikh Misls was the Dallewalia Misl, founded and led by Gulab Singh Dallewalia a Khatri Sikh.
MalaysiaIndiaMaharajaPrincely state

Question 2: Some of the Khatris converted to ________ in the Mughal period.
IslamIslamic schools and branchesMosqueMuslim history

Question 3: According to Ramayana[6], Taksha and Pushkala, the sons of Bharata, the brother of Lord ________ founded Taxila and Pushkalavati in this region.
Bharata (Ramayana)SitaHanumanRama

Question 4: Divisions among the Khatri groups were reported by Emperor ________'s close adviser Abu'l Fazal in his book Ain-i-Akbari (compiled in 1590 AD).
HumayunAkbar the GreatBaburMughal Empire

Question 5: These regions are historically connected with the composition of the Vedas, the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Puranas as well as more modern religious texts such as the ________.
Guru Granth SahibSikhismDasven Padshah Da GranthSikh

Question 6: Indo-Aryan peoples • Mohyal[1] • ________ • Jats/Jatts • Bhatia • Saini • Ramgarhias • Kamboj • Gujjar • Rajput • Lohana

Question 7: Raja Fateh Chand was a Maini Khatri chieftain of ________ who served Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji with dedication during his visit in 1665.
PatnaBiharBihari cultureBihari people

Question 8: [2][3][4], a warrior tribe from the northern ________.
AfricaSouth AsiaAsiaIndian subcontinent

Question 9: The Khatri community traces its origins to the Taxila, ________ and Majha regions of the Punjab.
Indus RiverMargalla HillsPothohar PlateauChhachh

Question 10: Bhai Daya Singh- Was a Khatri of the Sobti clan and the "first" of the ________
Panj PiareBhai Dharam SinghAmrit SanskarKhalsa


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