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Kharijites: Quiz


Question 1: Berber Sufrī from the tribe of Meknasa established the Midrarid state at Sijilmassa on the eastern slope of the ________ in Morocco.
Atlas MountainsPyreneesAppalachian MountainsAlps

Question 2: They believed that it is not a must for the ________ to be from the Quraysh.
CaliphateIslamCaliphMuslim history

Question 3: They form a significant part of the population of Oman (where they first settled in 686), and there are smaller concentrations of them in the Mzab of ________, Jerba in Tunisia, Jebel Nafusa in Libya, and Zanzibar.

Question 4: Kharijite ideology was a popular creed for rebels against the officially Sunni ________, inspiring breakaway states and rebellions (like Maysara's) throughout the Maghrib and sometimes elsewhere.
Muslim historyCaliphateIslamSharia

Question 5: 757, founding a state which would cover parts of Tripolitania and Ifriqiya before it was conquered by ________ armies in 761.
Akkadian EmpireAbbasid CaliphateNeo-Assyrian EmpireIslamic Golden Age

Question 6: Muāwiyah wanted to put the dispute between the two sides to arbitration in accordance with the ________.

Question 7: They first emerged in the late 7th century AD, concentrated in today's southern Iraq, and are distinct from the ________ and Shiites.
RashidunIslamic schools and branchesAliSunni Islam

Question 8: In 657, Alī's forces met Muāwiyah's at the ________.
AliKharijitesUmayyad CaliphateBattle of Siffin

Question 9: Whereas the Shiites believed that the imamate (leadership) was the right of ________, the Kharijites insisted that any Muslim could be a leader of the Muslim community.
AliSahabaIslamic schools and branchesShia Islam

Question 10: Muāwiyah put forward ________.
Rashidun Caliphate'Amr ibn al-'AsKhalid ibn al-WalidAbu Bakr


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