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Kharga Oasis: Quiz


Question 1: It was used from as early as the ________ for the transport and trade of gold, ivory, spices, wheat, animals and plants.
History of ancient EgyptEgypt (Roman province)Old KingdomPredynastic Egypt

Question 2: It is located in the ________, about 200 km to the west of the Nile valley, and is some 150 km long.
Libyan DesertFarafra, EgyptNubian DesertSahara

Question 3: The Darb el-Arbain trade route, passing through Kharga in the south and ________ in the north, was a long caravan route running north-south between Middle Egypt and the Sudan.
DamanhurAsyutAswanMinya, Egypt

Question 4: The Temple of Hibis is a Saite-era temple founded by ________ which was erected largely by the Persians (Darius the Great and Darius II) during their rule over Egypt ca.
ApriesPsamtik IIAmunAncient Egypt

Question 5:   ________ . Egyptologists . Ancient Egypt topics
Ancient Egyptian literatureArchaeologyEgyptian hieroglyphsEgyptology

Question 6: in forty days," the Darb el-Arbain became by his time an important land route facilitating trade between Nubia and ________.

Question 7: El-Kharga', also known as Al-Kharijah, (meaning the outer oasis) (Arabic الخارجة) is the southernmost of ________'s five western oases.


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