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Khanty people: Quiz


Question 1: The initial stages of this meant the execution of tribal chiefs who were labelled "________" followed by the execution of shamans.
Joseph StalinGreat PurgeDekulakizationKulak

Question 2: The Khanty language is a language belonging to the Ugric branch of the Uralic languages, consisting of ten dialects, divided into southern, northern and eastern subgroups, and closely related to the ________ and Hungarian.
Mari languageMansi languageErzya languagePite Sami

Question 3: Of those, 26,694 were resident in Tyumen Oblast, of which 17,128 were living in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and 8,760—in ________.
Orenburg OblastOmsk OblastYamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugChukotka Autonomous Okrug

Question 4: The Khanty duchies were partially included in the ________ from the 1440s–1570s.
Conquest of the Khanate of SibirHistory of SiberiaKhanate of SibirGolden Horde

Question 5: After the end of the ________ period this process was relaxed and efforts were intensified in the 1980s and '90s to protect their common territory from industrial expansion of various ministries and agencies.
Joseph StalinWinston ChurchillHarry S. TrumanBoris Yeltsin

Question 6: It is also possible that they were first recorded by the English King ________ (ca.
Cnut the GreatEdward the ElderAlfred the GreatÆthelred the Unready

Question 7: Some consider the Khanty's ancestors to be the prehistoric metalworking ________ Culture.
Catacomb cultureBactria–Margiana Archaeological ComplexAndronovo cultureAbashevo culture

Question 8: In the autonomous okrug, the Khanty and ________ are given co-official status with Russian.
Pite SamiMari languageErzya languageMansi language

Question 9: 873 were residents of neighbouring Tomsk Oblast, and 88 lived in the ________.
AdygeaBashkortostanKomi RepublicDagestan

Question 10: 9th century), who located Fenland (________) to the east of the White Sea in Western Siberia.


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