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Khan Yunis: Quiz


Question 1: In 2006 Hamas took power in the ________.
West BankIsraelPalestinian National AuthorityGaza Strip

Question 2: Khan Yunis - often spelt Khan Younis or Khan Yunnis - (Arabic: خان يونس‎; literally Jonah's Caravanserai) is a city and adjacent refugee camp in the southern part of the ________.
Gaza StripPalestinian National AuthorityIsraelWest Bank

Question 3: On December 16, 2004, the Israel Defense Forces raided the town with armoured bulldozers and ________ in order to stop mortar shelling of Israeli towns.
TankT-26 tankT-34M1 Abrams

Question 4: Following the Palestinian legislative election, 2006, there were three Hamas members, including Yunis al-Astal; and two ________ members, including Mohammed Dahlan.
Palestine Liberation OrganizationSecond IntifadaIsrael's unilateral disengagement planFatah

Question 5: One building was also used as cover for an ________-laden tunnel, which blew up an Israeli (IDF) occupation outpost on June 27 of that year.
NitroglycerinExplosive materialOxygenNitrogen

Question 6: Before the ________, Khan Yunis was occupied by Egypt.
Yom Kippur WarSuez CrisisArab–Israeli conflict1948 Arab–Israeli War

Question 7: [1] Although Khan Yunis lies only 4 kilometers from the ________ the climate of Khan Yunis is semi-arid region with an annual rainfall of approximately 260 mm.
Indian OceanPacific OceanAtlantic OceanMediterranean Sea

Question 8: The northern part of Khan Yunis overlooks the Kissufim junction — formerly one of the main roads for Israeli traffic to ________ settlement.
Bnei AtzmonIsrael's unilateral disengagement planNetzarim (settlement)Gush Katif

Question 9: In 1967, during the Six Day War ________ occupied Khan Yunis.
ArmeniaUnited StatesGreeceIsrael

Question 10: Since Israel's ________, over 2,000 Qassam rockets have been launched from Khan Yunis into Israel, mostly to the Southern Israeli city of Sderot.
Palestine Liberation Organization1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and RamlaIsrael's unilateral disengagement plan2006 Israel–Gaza conflict


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