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Khan Noonien Singh: Quiz


Question 1:
Who portrayed Khan Noonien Singh?

Question 2: Khan Noonien Singh at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseAmazon.comBox Office MojoCDNOW

Question 3: Initially conceived as a brutal man of Nordic ancestry, Khan first appears as a ________, who is both admired and opposed by the Enterprise crew.
SikhMazhabiSikhismSikh diaspora

Question 4: Spock (________) wonders what the "seed" Kirk has planted will bear in a hundred years.
Star Trek (film)Vulcan (Star Trek)Leonard NimoyWilliam Shatner

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Khan Noonien Singh have?
Chattan Singh
Khan Noonien Singh
khan of the Kazan Khanate
khan of Blue Horde and Golden Horde

Question 6: [20] Villains in subsequent Star Trek films have been measured by the standard of Khan, with Paramount promising fans that the villain of ________ would be equal to the genetic superman.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryStar Trek IV: The Voyage HomeStar Trek GenerationsStar Trek: First Contact

Question 7: [1] Khan had been both the most successful conqueror and the most benign ruler of the group, ruling ________ with a firm but generally peaceful hand until he was deposed.
South AsiaMiddle EastWestern AsiaEurope

Question 8: Superficially, Khan is believed by some to have similarities with ________'s concept of the "Ăśbermensch" (superman or overman).
Friedrich NietzscheExistentialismImmanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 9: Khan believes he has doomed his enemy before he dies but Spock, in an act of self-sacrifice, repairs the Enterprise's ________ to allow it to escape.
Warp driveGeordi La ForgeTransporter (Star Trek)Holodeck

Question 10: Khan accepts Kirk's challenge—invoking the fall of ________ in Milton's Paradise Lost[2][3]— and McGivers joins Khan rather than face court-martial.

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