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Khan (title): Quiz


Question 1: The title Khan was also used in the ________ dynasties of the near-east to designate a head of multiple tribes, clans or nations, who was below an Atabeg in rank.
Great Seljuq EmpireSeljuq dynastyKhwārazm-Shāh dynastySassanid Empire

Question 2: Presently Khans exist mostly in ________ and Central Asia.
Punjabi languageBrāhmī scriptSouth AsiaIndia

Question 3: In present ________, there was a khanate of Erivan (sole incumbent 1807 - 1827 Hosein Quli Khan Qajar).

Question 4: For instance Möngke Khan and Ogedei Khan will be "Khagans," but not Chagatai Khan who was not proclaimed rule of the ________ by kurultai.
Mongol EmpireGolden HordeYuan DynastyIlkhanate

Question 5:
  • The compound Galin Khanum - literally, "lady bride" - was the title accorded to the principal noble wife of a ________
    IranQajar dynastySassanid EmpirePahlavi dynasty

Question 6: The title Khan was also used to designate the rulers of the ________, who, later when known as the Manchus, founded the Qing dynasty of China.
Jurchen peopleNortheast ChinaManchuriaJin Dynasty (1115–1234)

Question 7: ________, both a generic term for a 'provincial Khan' and traditional royal style for one of the four khanates in Genghis's succession, based in Persia.
Chagatai KhanateIlkhanateGolden HordeMongol Empire

Question 8: the Qasim Khanate (hence modern Kasimov), named after its founder, a vassal of ________/Russia
Grand Duchy of MoscowHistory of RussiaTsardom of RussiaGolden Horde

Question 9: The Mongolian title of the Qing emperors, Bogd Khan, would later be used by the eighth Jebtsundamba Khutuktu after ________'s declaration of independence in 1911.

Question 10: Khagan is rendered as Khan of Khans and was the title of ________ and the persons who are elected to rule the Mongol Empire.
Genghis KhanÖgedei KhanGolden HordeKublai Khan


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