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Kfar Etzion massacre: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ took the wounded to Jerusalem, and the Arab Legion took the remainder as prisoners of war.
Austrian Red CrossMagen David AdomInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent MovementAmerican Red Cross

Question 2: ________
1948 Arab–Israeli War1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and RamlaDeir Yassin massacreKillings and massacres during the 1948 Palestine War

Question 3: On May 13, an attack involving parts of two Arab Legion infantry companies, light ________[2] and local irregular support commenced from four directions.
ArtilleryMilitary historySiegeNaval warfare

Question 4: Kfar Etzion was a religious[1] kibbutz founded in 1943, about 2 km east of the road between Jerusalem and ________.
Bani Na'imDura, HebronHebronHalhul

Question 5: Kfar Etzion was re-established as a kibbutz in September 1967, as the first ________ in the West Bank after the war.
ZionismMenachem BeginIsraeli settlementKahanism

Question 6: The Kfar Etzion massacre was an act committed by ________ armed forces on May 13, 1948, the day before the Declaration of Independence of the state of Israel.
Arab peopleIraqSyriaPalestinian people

Question 7: Together with three nearby kibbutzim established 1945-1947, it formed ________ (the Etzion Bloc).
1948 Arab–Israeli WarNeve DanielGush EtzionKfar Etzion

Question 8: Throughout the winter hostilities intensified and several relief convoys from the ________ in Jerusalem were attacked by Arab ambushes.
HaganahIsrael1948 Arab–Israeli WarIrgun

Question 9: Very soon fighting broke out in many parts of ________.
IsraelArab–Israeli conflict1948 Arab–Israeli WarPalestine


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