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Question 1: He eventually returns to fight the ________, attempting to provoke the Dark Knight into murdering him so he could escape life itself, but the plan proves unsuccessful.
Copperhead (DC Comics)Superman/BatmanSuperman & Batman: GenerationsBatman

Question 2: The Golden Age Key's sole appearance is in 1951's All Star Comics #57, which features the last Golden Age appearance of the ________.
Earth-TwoJustice Society of AmericaBlack CanarySeven Soldiers of Victory

Question 3: After this, he appeared in ________ (volume 2) #17, as leader of a group of villains seeking to avoid being sent to the prison planet.
Crime Syndicate of AmericaSolomon Grundy (comics)Justice LeagueDoctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)

Question 4: In ________, he is part of Libra's Secret Society of Super Villains.
DC One MillionWorld War III (comics)52 (comics)Final Crisis

Question 5: [1] However, he was dropped in favor of a resurrected ________.
SupermanSuperboy-PrimeSuperboy (Kon-El)Darkseid

Question 6: The Key is the name of two fictional supervillains in the ________ universe.
SuperheroVertigo (DC Comics)DC ComicsSuperman

Question 7: After a long battle with ________, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Manitou Dawn, he is beaten and sent to "the dream realm", a place for telepaths, where he can think in peace.
BatmanSuperman/BatmanCopperhead (DC Comics)Superman & Batman: Generations

Question 8: He almost succeeds if not for the intervention of ________, who beams up to the JLA headquarters while the Key is present due to a pre-arranged meeting to discuss him becoming a member of the League.
Green ArrowBlack CanaryHal JordanGreen Arrow (Connor Hawke)

Question 9: The Key is set to appear in the upcoming video game ________.
Solomon Grundy (comics)DC Universe OnlineLex LuthorRiddler


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