Kevin McHale: Quiz

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3: He joined starters Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson and ________ as the Celtics steamrolled the NBA with a league-best 67–15 record.
Boston CelticsDanny Ainge1976 NBA FinalsPaul Silas

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Kevin McHale have?
Senator for New South Wales
Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach
Bigger Picture
Jeolla Province

Question 5: Following the 1982-83 season McHale's contract with the Celtics expired, and the ________ signed him to a contract offer sheet.
1969–70 New York Knicks seasonNew York Knicks2009–10 New York Knicks seasonNew Jersey Nets

Question 6: Philadelphia exacted a measure of revenge in the 1982 Eastern Conference Final, beating Boston at its home arena, the ________, in a seventh game.
Matthews ArenaTD GardenBoston GardenXL Center

Question 7: McHale was a part of what is widely considered the league's best-ever frontline with small forward ________ and center Robert Parish.
Kareem Abdul-JabbarMichael JordanBill RussellLarry Bird

Question 8:
When is Kevin McHale's birthday?

Question 9:
Which of the following teams did Kevin McHale play for?
* Boston Celtics
* Kansas City Kings n* New Jersey Nets n* Boston Celtics
*Boston Celtics
* Rochester Royals n* Boston Celtics

Question 10:
How is Kevin McHale described?
Italian basketball coach and player
basketball player and coach
American basketball player
Pro basketball player

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